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What our users say:

Felix Campano
CEO & Fundador de BOB
“We had a couple of calls with Felix Ruiz before the investment round and it definitely made a difference when we started to decide the content of our deck and our pitch”
Jorge Becerra
CEO & Fundador de Grupo MiMO
“We talked to Dani Garcia in several occasions to get his opinion and advice in how we should decide what menus to offer in our restaurants and how he manages his teams, and it was excellent for us, it really helped our business”
Fabrice Grinda
Founder of FJ Labs
“We have used GuruCall to understand sectors that we were interested in investing, and it was really helpful to speak with some of their experts.”
Gonzalo Arcas
Usuario de Gurucall
Thanks to Agustin Vivancos we were able to define a new brand strategy with the objective of transmitting a new message to our existing and loyal clients.
Alberto Carreras
Usuario de Gurucall
I’ve always wanted to speak with an expert on Hospitality management but I never had the opportunity to do so. Thanks to Dani Garcia I found answers regarding the process of opening a restaurant and how to identify a perfect supplier.
Daniel Presa
Team Manager en KPMG
“It has been a huge honor to count with Juan Urdiales Founder and Co-CEO at Job and Talent. I chose him because of the characteristics of his business. He helped our company by sharing the Agile and Scrum knowledge that we needed for our projects”